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friends cut

I've never done one of these before, but there were just a few journals/comms that I always skip on my f-list so I decided to do a friends cut. Most of the people I cut were people who haven't been on LJ in literally years, but if I cut you and think I shouldn't have, please let me know. :)
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come join!

Sorry to those on my f-list who have seen this a few times already, but I wanted to post this in my own LJ, too.

I just started a brand new LIMS community, called picknchooselims. Icon makers of any skill level are allowed and should join, and you can choose any type of celebrity you wish (actor, actress, singer, sports star, author... whoever!).

Come check it out, and if you're interested you should sign up! :)

Click the banner to go to the sign-up post!
movie: black swan: natalie

moar icons! 85 total

Ok, so I saw the new Twilight trailer the other night, and it was basically AMAZING. I wasn't sure if the movie was gonna be any good before, but I'm actually really excited about it now.

So of course, I made a shit load of icons. :D Oh, and there's some promo pic stuff in there, too.


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movie: black swan: natalie

more twilight icons :D

First of all, I did a manip of two pictures from the VMAs (I just put them together), and then I made a bunch of icons out of them. I also made some more icons of the VMAs, as well as a few from the Cosmo Girl shoot.

Most of this is Jacob or Jacob/Bella, but there are a few others as well. :)

1-14: icons of the manip
15-18: Taylor and Rob from the Celebuzz video
19-25: Taylor and Kristen from the VMAs
26-35: The boys from the Cosmo Girl photoshoot

P R E V I E W :

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